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Reasons Why It’s Wise to Get Rid of Dead Trees

Known as the Peach State, Georgia certainly has plenty of those fruit trees, and many other types as well. You might have beech and cedar trees growing in your Warner Robins yard along with holly, ash, and live oak. As a tree dies, it begins to lose its foliage, becomes dry and brittle, and may start leaning to one side. Once it dies, you might decide to leave it alone for a while. Before you neglect it for too long, make sure you know the dangers of dead trees on your grounds.

They Can Damage Property and Injure People

The biggest reason for tree removal is that dead trees can damage your home. There is a tremendous amount of bulk in a full-grown tree, even a dead one. While it is living, it can support itself, but this is no longer true once life goes out of it. Large branches eventually break off and fall, and this is especially true during a storm. They can land on your roof, your vehicle, or even a household member. Heavy rainstorms can also wash out the root ball and topple the trunk. It’s not unusual for an entire tree to fall on a house.

You Risk Damaging Other Trees

Do you have trees growing in your yard that provide shade on hot days? You could risk killing them as well if you leave a dead tree standing. The disease that killed the tree won’t necessarily go away when it dies, and it could spread to harm the neighboring trees on your property.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

Termites affect many homes in Georgia every year. These small bugs attack anything made of wood and can eat through your basement steps and deck along with your walls and doors. Dead trees often attract pests and provide them with a safe place to live. Those pests will gradually move to different areas of your lawn and can even come inside. You’ll also find that squirrels and rats can live in dead trees and use them to access your roof and damage your shingles.

They Take Up Valuable Space

Temperatures in Warner Robins can easily hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit in June and go up as summer continues. When the weather cools, you may want to spend more time outside to take advantage of the nice weather. Dead trees seriously reduce the amount of usable space in your yard. They limit the locations where you can put your outdoor furniture, and they occupy valuable ground you could use for other plants.

Dead trees pose many problems to homeowners in Warner Robins, GA. Schedule the tree removal you need by calling Trees Are Us of Middle GA today.

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