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Trimming and Pruning in Warner Robins

Many homeowners in the Warner Robins area will proudly tell you that they maintain their trees when it comes time for trimming and pruning. But, in their eyes, that is only when the branches are dragging the ground, rubbing against the house, or blocking an access path like a sidewalk or driveway. Unfortunately, these folks do not understand the critical health benefits of proper tree pruning and trimming, or the disastrous long-term impact poor or improper pruning can have on a tree. At Trees Are Us, we educate the community on the value of professional Warner Robins tree trimming and pruning. In addition, we offer very affordable Warner Robins tree trimming prices to ensure that everyone can afford the proper care their trees deserve. Call (478) 397-8749 for a free estimate from Warner Robins tree pruning or trimming at your home or commercial property.

Trimming VS. Pruning

One of the first pieces of information we want to share with consumers is that tree trimming and pruning are actually two different services from a horticultural perspective. Warner Robins tree trimming is used to define the regular maintenance and shaping of a tree’s canopy. It is the practice of removing stray shoots and branches that extend beyond the trimmed canopy or are sprouting from the trunk. Think of it as trimming your hair. It is a less in-depth process to clean up the general shape.

Warner Robins tree pruning is a lengthy process that focuses on the entire tree and growth. This service will remove dead growth from the canopy’s interior, poorly shaped or deformed branches, and branches that are growing into other growth or pointed downward. All of these types of growth will detract from the tree’s visual appeal, but more importantly, they will compromise its health and stability in the future.

A tree that did not receive proper trimming and pruning when small will often require a great deal of corrective pruning to remove the growth that is causing it to be imbalanced or unstable. The corrective pruning will make space for new growth that will help balance the tree and provide long-term stability and safety.

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Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning Provides More Than Just Pretty Trees

Professional tree care is about more than knowing which wood is dead or how to quickly shape a canopy. It requires years of training to learn the proper growth habit and shape of each type of tree and how to promote it with selective and corrective pruning and trimming. However, the investment in professional tree service is easy to see when the trees begin to flourish and withstand storms with little or no damage. Homeowners and commercial property owners will also discover that professional tree care provides added benefits, including:

Making A Wise Long-Term Investment In Your Property

Professional tree trimming and pruning is an intelligent way to avoid the expense of dealing with fallen trees and damage to your home or commercial property. The small amount you invest in trimming every year or two will eliminate the potential for branches falling on vehicles, roofs, or through windows. 

Call (478) 397-8749 today to request a free price quote to trim or prune the trees at your home or commercial property. The experts at Trees Are Us will keep your trees healthy and thriving, so you never need to worry about them becoming safety hazards.