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5 Warning Signs of an Impending Tree Disaster at Your Business

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of the customers who come to you and the employees who work for you. While insurance should cover the cost of repairs you need when a tree disaster happens, that disaster can require that you close your Warner Robins, GA business for weeks and even months. Looking at the top warning signs of an impending tree disaster can help you know when to call for help with trees on your property.

1. Dead Tree Branches

One warning sign to keep an eye on is any dead branches. When a tree begins dying, it can no longer provide the nutrients that the roots and branches need. You may see one or more branches that are a different color from the rest and branches that are already dead and sagging from the trunk. Dead branches are a sign that the tree can fall at any moment.

2. Leaning Trees

Healthy trees have no problem standing upright. They have trunks that are strong enough to support the weight of all the branches and leaves along with any animals who live in them. Sick trees can become hollow on the inside and suffer from diseases that cause them to lean or list to one side. That tree can eventually fall over on a worker’s car or your building. In addition, the summer storms in Warner Robins can be severe, and they can push leaning trees to the ground.

3. Proximity to Power Lines

When you see trees that are too close to your power lines, call for assistance as soon as possible. The branches can grow out of control and cause those lines to fall down. When this happens, you need to call the power company for help and may need to close your business until they can fix the lines. Trees that grow in proximity to your power lines can also interfere with your electric service.

4. Interior Leaf Loss

Interior leaf loss is often a sign of an insect infestation. When bugs live in the tree, they stay close to the trunk and strip the branches closest to the trunk. Only when they consume all of those leaves will they move to other parts of the tree. The bugs can cause so much damage to the tree that it dies before you get rid of them.

5. Mushrooms

You’ll also want to look for mushrooms on the tree, especially around the base. Mushrooms feed off of decaying materials and prefer natural materials. Once the tree gets a fungus or a disease, the inside will begin dying and allow the mushrooms to thrive. Mushrooms can then spread up the trunk and onto the branches.

Avoid a Tree Disaster

To avoid a tree disaster at your place of business in Warner Robins, GA, look for warning signs of dead and dying trees. Those signs alert you of issues that you need to take care of quickly. Contact Trees Are Us of Middle GA to get help with your tree problems and avoid the disasters that can affect your employees and customers.

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