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Tree Service in Perry

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Tree Care in Perry

Living in Middle Georgia, you are sure to have some gorgeous trees on your property that add to its visual appeal and value. However, you might not understand that those trees need professional care and service regularly to remain assets rather than becoming unsightly and even safety hazards. Fortunately, the team at Trees Are Us provides all of the professional care your trees need to thrive without breaking your budget for yard and tree service.

Trees Are Us offers trimming, pruning, storm damage cleanup, tree removal, and stump grinding as a complete tree care company in the Perry area. In addition, we have a licensed arborist on staff to assist in diagnosing tree diseases, corrective pruning, fertilizing, and other services that require a deep understanding of tree growth and proper horticultural care. So when you need a free price quote for any tree service at your home or commercial property or an answer to a tough tree question, call (478) 397-8749.

Professional Perry Tree Removal

Unfortunately, some property owners think tree removal is as simple as firing up a chainsaw and rolling up their sleeves. However, that is far from the truth and can result in costly damage to your property and even severe injuries to yourself or others. Instead, the wise choice is to leave the tree removal task to the Trees Are Us professionals.

This team has the experience and expertise needed to remove any tree, even ones hanging over a structure or property line, without causing added damage. We specialize in the hard-to-remove leaning, dying, or damaged trees that pose a severe safety risk to you and your property. Call (478) 397-8749 for a free price quote and fast response for your tree removal.

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Arborist Guided Tree Trimming And Pruning

A great deal of skill and knowledge is needed to prune and trim trees correctly. The size, growth habit, and structure of the tree all play a role in the best practices for that variety of tree shaping, thinning, and trimming. At Trees Are Us, we have a licensed arborist on staff to ensure that our crews have the knowledge needed to provide the proper trimming and pruning techniques for all the trees at your Perry home or commercial property. Call (478) 397-8749 today for your free estimate.

Storm Prep And Cleanup In Perry

Ideally, the Trees Are Us team will be called to thin and prep your trees before storm season to prevent significant damage and possibly the destruction of mature trees. However, if that was not the case, please call us at (478) 397-8749 to correctively prune and remove any storm damage your trees might have suffered. In addition, our team will remove any debris that is littering your property to eliminate safety hazards.

Licensed And Insured Commercial Tree Service

As a property manager, you need to have a reliable and professional tree service ready to step up when trees damage creates access or safety challenges. At Trees Are Us, we are here 24/7 to provide that fast and professional service with fully licensed and insured crews. Call us at (478) 397-8749 for any emergency service or to schedule regular maintenance for your trees.

Stump Grinding In Perry

Did you know that most tree removal proposals do not include removing the tree’s stump? Unfortunately, that means you are left with a safety hazard that could also turn into a habitat for bugs, rodents, and other nasty pests. However, when you call the Trees Are Us experts at (478) 397-8749, we provide a free price quote to remove the tree and grind away that ugly and dangerous stump in a single visit. We are your one-stop tree service shop for all of your professional tree service needs at affordable prices.